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1948 Cushman Scooter

The 1948 Cushman scooter is an unique scooter that combines the features and performance of the a13-92 engine with the simple to operate, this scooter is designed for beginners and extends an 50 series engine.

Top 10 1948 Cushman Scooter

The 1948 Cushman scooter gives an 50 series carburetor, it is a standard model and served with a sprocket and a mylar film bag. This 1948 Cushman model 52 scooter is a splendid bike for someone who wants an easy-to-use ride, it is a good way ford riders, as they are able to get around town without trouble. This scooter is able to go fast and easy, making it a good alternative for effortless riding, the motor is good for this bike, making it uncomplicated to operate. The 48 in, wheelbase is dandy for young adults, while the 25 in. Wheelbase is top-of-the-heap for adults, this 1948 Cushman model 52 scooter is a sterling substitute for a shopper searching for an easy-to-use bike. This is a fantastic opportunity to have an 1948-60 Cushman scooter motorcycle in a sale, this scooter is in top-of-the-line condition and imparts many years of use left to it. It is a first-class addition to a garage or collection of scooters, this type of scooter was typically used for the kfc chicken-and-wafers restaurant in the united states. There are many different types and sizes of 1948-60 Cushman scooters available on the market, so you can find one that is right for you, these scooters were typically used for traveling, riding, and working. The united states Cushman scooter company was the largest manufacturer of scooters in the world from the early 1950 s until its closure in the early 1960 now, ml series carburetor - 50 series - 1942 - 1948 Cushman scooter is an unequaled opportunity to get an used, unused scooter for sale, this scooter was used and may have been abused. The leather is may have been stained, and the fork may have been daubed in the area where the fork now is, the front tire is missing a several inches, but the back tire is still available. This would make it an outstanding deal for the.