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Gotrax G2 Electric Scooter

Gotrax is the perfect scooter for those who want to go where the real action is. With an agenda and deep pockets, gotrax has got you covered. With this scooter, you can go to work, to the movies, or to your next party. With an adults-only config.

Go Trax G2 Electric Scooter
GoTrax G2 Scooter

GoTrax G2 Scooter

By GoTrax


Electric Scooter Gotrax

Are you looking for a new electric scooter? if so, then you should definitely check out the getrax electric scooter. This scooter is incredibly new and we only have a few stocks available at the moment. You can get yourself a electric scooter that is perfect for your needs by checking out the getrax electric scooter.

G2 Electric Kick Scooter

The gotrax foldable electric scooter is perfect for those who love to explore the out-of-the-box experience. With its6. 5 tires and 200w motor, this scooter will get you where you need to go without any trouble at all. With an estimated 6. 5 miles of range, this scooter can take you around the block several times over. gotrax is a new electric scooter from europe that has got everyone talking. This model is a new take on the traditional scooter, with a foldable design and 6. 5 inches of ground clearance. It's got a 200 watt motor that can get the user up to 15. 5 miles per hour. Plus, there are 200 pounds trainer common sense reservoir weight and a 200whp motor that will help keep you going. this electric scooter is perfect for those who love to get around town. It's able to reach 20 mph and the 6. 5 inch tires make it easy to get around. It's also comfortable to ride and has the added bonus of being able to store used scooters in the fridge for later. this electric scooter has tons of fun and enjoying potential, not to mention the amazing features it offers. With its foldable design and 6. 5-inch size, this scooter is perfect for younger kids or those who are just looking for an easy and easy.