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Neon Flash Scooter

This Neon Flash scooter has 2 resistor turn signal for ease of use, this scrow is perfect for any motorcycle that needs an upgrade.

Neon Flash Scooter Ebay

The Neon Flash scooter has 2 x load resistor leds in the turn signal and motorcycle sections to help keep your bike running fast and strong, this scooter also has a small turn signal button to make adding new owners more easily. This Neon Flash scooter is perfect for kids who love to play in the dark, the led lights make it easy to find their way in the dark. This scooter also comes with a light up deck that makes it easy to see in the dark, the Neon Flash scooter is a perfect choice for those who love to bike and have fun. It features an 2 x load resistor led mini turn signal and it can handle with ease, with its sleek and stylish design, this scooter is sure to make a statement in any setting. This Neon Flash scooter has 2 x load resistor leds on the front and back of the bike, the resistor will regulate the power to the engine's power supply, saving battery life. The scooter also has a mini turn signal for easy front-end visibility.