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Vino Scooter

Looking for a new and exciting scooter? Look no further than the Vino 125 our scooters are practical for suitors who are wanting for a basic and fast ride, with an exhaust pipe, the Vino is sure to offered all the power you need and desire. So, shop with confidence and get your Vino scooter today.

Top 10 Vino Scooter

This carburetor is designed to allow the use of standard yamaha Vino 125 scooters, it is available with two throttle cables system, one at each end of the engine. The carburetor allows the use of the engines three power cables, allowing the use of high-quality, fun power to be brought to your bike, the Vino scooter is a first-rate addition to your next party. This scooter is dandy for younger adults who are wanting for a small, fast, and affordable scooter, this scooter is first-rate for your next party because it is able to reach 50 mph. With a Vino scooter you can go anywhere you want to go without having to worry about how to get there, this is an unrivaled opportunity to have a delicious scooter that is outstanding for or for use when you're out and about. This Vino scooter is sterling for individuals who desiderate to get around town without breaking the bank, with an optional controller, 01 yamaha Vino scooter is can be set up to look as if it's based on a yamaha our 2002-05 yamaha Vino scooter oil tank reservoir oem is right for you! With unrivaled fuel economy and plenty of storage, this bike is puissant for somebody scouring for a new challenge. With this reservoir, you can increase your bike's capacity and make it for years to come.